Friday, March 27, 2009

A&A Frame

Thanks Andy for the frame!

This shows the build-up of the frame:

Legs and Feet for R2

Finally, I was able to get the outer legs, ankles and feet!!

YAHOO!! Not long now before R2 can stand up.

I still need several key pieces to connect to the shoulder motors, but I am getting closer!

I got the feet degreased and primed with white self-etching auto metal primer:

These holes in the steel feet will have to be expanded to accept the Knurled Hose Fittings:

I will be using a Step Bit to enlarge the holes while staying centered in the correct spot:

A 5/8" hole should do the trick:

I was able to squeeze in some work time last night - drilling out the pilot holes for the Knurled Hose Fittings in R2's feet. This is where the braided hoses that connect to the battery boxes will go.

It wasn't a great deal of work accomplished, but it felt good to work on him some as the weather is getting nicer!

I had to pick up a step bit to do the job right. $32 - OUCH!! But I have it in my toolbox for future uses as well, and it worked like a DREAM right through the steel foot casings:

I also picked up aluminum ankle details from a recent run.

The nice thing with these is that they have been made with a removable tab to allow easier painting. No masking with tape or latex!

Next on tap is the layered Shoulder Horseshoes for both legs!

These will be about 2 months in the making, but will be another step closer to completing the legs: