Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Center Leg Arrives...

Jerry Greene, one of the part designers in the R2 Builders group, recently made a part offering of the components for R2’s middle leg assembly. I had saved some money, and put in money received for my birthday to order this piece. With this piece in hand, I will be able to better visualize and design the mechanism that will raise and lower this leg when deploying and retracting from the 2-legged stance to the 3-legged tripod mode and back.
UPS delivered my center leg assembly last night . . . just after Christmas 2005.
It is quite a nice set of pieces!
Jerry did a wonderful job, as usual.
Here are a few pictures of the pieces that arrived.

The Aluminum Center Ankle
(with cylinders quickly mounted)

The Aluminum cylinders as seen from the outside

The inside of the cylinders, drilled out for weight reduction

The Steel Center Foot

All together . . .

View from the ground up . . .