Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First Piece ordered . . . Holoprojectors

The holoprojector on the original R2 unit in "A New Hope" was an overhead swivel lighting assembly from a Vickers Viscount Airplane. These are very difficult to find originals of, so our club set to taking precise measurements of an original Viscount and having duplicates machined. These were ordered from Scott Powers . . . here is the machining process.

Booster Covers

Here are the SOLID aluminum Booster Covers that Mark Kingery and I had made. They were custom machined based on Jerry's drawings. I am showing the complete machining process leading up to the finished product ...quite a process.

Droid Skin

Here are the laser-cut, 2-layer aluminum skins from John Sherrell. Cut and rolled to the perfect shape to fit the finished frame.

Here is a picture of the two layers of front skins being glued with clear "Liquid Nails". The two panels are required to give the final, painted skin the recessed look around the panels and doors. . . some of which will eventually be hinged and hopefully attached to servo motors for opening and closing.