Friday, May 05, 2006

Interior Dome Mounts

When I thought about mounting my holoprojectors inside my dome, it was about the same time Jerry had rendered a nice drawing showing how to mount them using McMaster Carr standoffs and other pieces. My mount is much simpler and cheaper, but achieves the same goal. Here is a quick look at the parts needed for my mount - Cut L-Bracket, T-Nut, 2 Nylon Spacers, and a Hand-tightening Nut.
I started with a simple L-Bracket like this found at Lowe's or Home Depot:

I cut one side of the bracket to the desired length - to be able to sit above the T-nut and still brace against the outer rim of the holoprojector "fin" the encircles the "eyeball" portion of the holo. The finished cut job looks like this:

The T-nut would then be glued to the inside of your dome in the appropriate position, spaced just outside the holoprojector "fin" or strategically around other components like the logic displays.

Then I begin stacking them like this:

Here is how it would work against the holoprojector "fin". For illustrative purposes I have used the CD shown here as the holo "fin" until I can get a picture snapped of the inside of my dome.

These mounts could also be modified to mount the logic displays as well, and they make for fast, easy removal for servicing or upgrade of parts from resin to aluminum.


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